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The Break Free From Secrecy Masterclass is a 4-week virtual program to help you learn the steps to starting recovery, how to create a recovery plan, and  how to ask for help.

In the Break Free From Secrecy Masterclass you will:


  • Get a clear vision on WHY you want to recover and HOW so you can be ALL IN.
  •  Empower yourself by learning how to ask for help without shame.
  •  Design a personalized Break Free Plan to finally open up to a loved one about your eating disorder so you no longer have to struggle alone.
  • Learn about a variety of resources (including free resources) available to support your recover.
  • Create a Recovery Action Plan so you can start recovery on the right foot!

As a BONUS, you will also get the chance to connect with several other women who are struggling with food and body image. This will give you the opportunity to build powerful friendships and strengthen your support network!

Just by joining this Masterclass you will INSTANTLY break free from the secrecy that’s holding you back and increase your chances of full recovery so you can finally let go of your eating disorder.

This program includes:

-4 weekly group coaching calls with other recovery warriors

-Instant access to the Break Free From Secrecy Facebook Group

-Unlimited text/e-mail support from Meg throughout the month!

Recovery YouTuber Kate Noel also LOVES the BFFS Masterclass!

Let’s start your recovery journey together.

Next class starts Fall, 2020!

The #BFFS Masterclass is changing lives.

Here are some testimonials to prove it!

Meg’s Break Free From Secrecy Masterclass was instrumental in passing me to seek help for my disordered eating. She provided not only the language that I lacked to communicate my needs effectively, but a framework in which to place it when speaking to my family, friends and medical professionals to tell them on no uncertain terms what I needed to begin my path to healing. She also provided valuable resources for finding qualified therapists, which was probably the most immediately beneficial thing for me. Having never had a therapist before, I wasn’t even sure how to go about finding one, but Meg coached me through the process, despite my hesitation and anxiety, and celebrated when I found a phenomenal one. I loved that the class was streamed through Zoom, where I could chat with other people facing similar challenges, which really helped me to feel less alone as I started my recovery journey.

Stephanie, San Diego CA

I took the Break Free From Secrecy Masterclass with Meg and it was amazing!  It was great to interact with people dealing with the same thing. It is one this to talk to people via the internet but it is a whole different world when you are speaking face to face through video putting a face to a name. It created more emotion, passion and motivation within me to recover. I loved being able to challenge my mind and listen to everyone’s recovery plans to see that I am not alone and how to make my life better (and break free). Meg is such a kind-hearted, faithful leader who can lead by experience as she has been down this exact road with an eating disorder and mental struggles. This master class was truly eye opening and helpful! Thank you Meg.

Sarah P, Buffalo NY

Being a part of BFFs was EXTREMELY life-changing for me and really a catalyst to being able to be around others and speak freely. Prior to joining BFFs I had horrible anxiety and couldn’t really imagine being open while showing my face on web chat, social media, etc. Meg is so empowering and makes you feel as though YOU CAN achieve and get through anything. It was also VERY touching to see Meg guide other women in the program who have been struggling with an eating disorder secretly and see Meg not judge, force or place an overly dominant opinion or instructions on anyone. She appreciated everyone’s growth at their own timing.

Autumn, Los Angeles, CA

So, are you ready for the next chapter of your life? (I promise it’s the better one)!

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