Meg takes a heart-centered, service-based approach to 1:1 coaching. Coaching is individualized depending on the client’s needs and where they are on their recovery journey.

Starting your recovery can feel overwhelming. Join this masterclass if you need coaching around where and how to start your journey so you can start your recovery strong.

The Recovery Collective

Looking for a ray of recovery sunshine? Join this group to bring inspiration and motivation into your recovery process. This is a monthly membership that brings recovery warriors together for community, education and resources.

Meg is available to speak at your next event and/or host coaching workshops for your group. Free presentations and workshops may be available for certain groups such as schools, recovery centers, universities and non-profits.

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1:1 Coaching Love Notes

I started working with Meg when I was in a really bad place. She was a complete stranger and I was desperate for help. We were able to have several long zoom meetings where I received valuable 1:1 conversation, therapy, and insight. It was so relieving to be able to work through my thoughts with someone who had been through what I was going through and understood my frustration. I remember telling her at the beginning that I was never going to be at a point to break free from my restrictive food habits because I couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t controlled by them. Yet, by the end of our time together I literally reached out to her in amazement, speechless about the fact that I had achieved that very thing. Once a stranger, now a friend. So thankful.

Previous Client, 23, New Orleans

Meg has been amazing to work with! I can’t express how grateful I am to be able to have her as a guide. I felt straight away that she could understand and listen to my struggles which made me feel safe immediately. She made me find motivation where I had barely any and supported me whenever I needed. I love the way she makes me work actively on my recovery and makes me feel committed to it with no pressure. Her program is helping me with my eating disorder but also in life in general which is marvellous as it gives me even more motivation to get through recovery. I was able to do things that I never thought I could and she supported me throughout the whole process. I can honestly say that without her I wouldn’t be at the stage I am now in two months and I recommend to work with a coach so much! It is so important to have someone like Meg that guides you, understands you and makes you take active behavioral steps to heal. She is a wonderful, sensitive and radiant person and her approach is amazingly creative and open. I am so so happy of the work we are doing and I would recommed her to anyone struggling and not finding the right ways to get better.

Alba De Torrebruna, 22, Rome

I really appreciated working with Meg because she herself has recovered from an eating disorder and could identify with many of my struggles. It was great to have someone hold me accountable in a way I had never experienced before with a therapist. Meg is caring and non-judgmental but she will also challenge you to the extent you are willing to be challenged. If you are looking to start coaching, Meg is the way to go!

Carla, USA

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