How wonderful and scary it must be, to find yourself here. A place where you can finally heal your relationship with food and your body, and leave your eating disorder and diet culture behind. How excited, yet nervous you must feel, to know that deep down, you’re ready to discover the next beautiful chapter of your life.

First, I want to acknowledge how powerful this first step is. Reaching out for mental health support isn’t always easy- so let’s celebrate that you’re here, and ready to grow. Look and you, you’re doing it!

My big hope for you is that you emerge from this  process as the person you’ve always hoped to become. I want you to become someone who finds their confidence and inner peace from within. I want you to transform into someone who feels more empowered, wise and radiant than ever before.

And if you’re still warming up to recovery…I encourage you to listen to my podcast, read my blog or join my free meal support group. If you’re looking for more support and community, join The Recovery Collective. And if you want to realllly tackle this thing once and for all, apply for 1:1 coaching. There is never a better time to start recovery than right now, and I am so grateful to be your guide.

Download 200 Eating Disorder Recovery Affirmations

I really appreciated working with Meg because she herself has recovered from an eating disorder and could identify with many of my struggles. It was great to have someone hold me accountable in a way I had never experienced before with a therapist. Meg is caring and non-judgmental but she will also challenge you to the extent you are willing to be challenged. If you are looking to start coaching, Meg is the way to go!

Carla, USA

Meg probably saved my life. She helped me climb out of a dark spot that I never thought I would be able to escape. After a few sessions, I had already created a recovery plan, told some of my loved ones, and begin to care for my body. Suddenly, recovery seemed less scary and more approachable. It seemed like a reality, when before I had thought “I could never do that.” Now, I can.

Everything she does radiates with positivity, intelligence, strength, and life-saving encouragement. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, Meg!

Amy Whiting, 25, Salt Lake City

What is Diet Culture and How Does it Relate to Eating Disorders?

What is Diet Culture and How Does it Relate to Eating Disorders?

It has been proven over and over again that diets don’t work. In fact, they can be dangerous. Our bodies are not designed to be deprived of food or tolerate excessive exercise. Let’s start by defining diet culture. According to Christy Harrison, RD, author, certified...

101 Ways to Be Kind to Your Body (That don’t involve food)!

101 Ways to Be Kind to Your Body (That don’t involve food)!

Recovery is volatile.  You gain weight and loose weight. You break bad habits and fall back into them. You beat yourself up. You try to love your body, then briefly actually love your body, then hate it again. You find yourself joyfully eating your favorite foods  and...

The Link Between Gut Health and Eating Disorders

The Link Between Gut Health and Eating Disorders

In my last guest post, I mentioned that I have been dealing with some health issues, and I want to share some interesting information with you. Please keep in mind that I am not qualified to provide medical advice, but I hope this will resonate with you if you are...

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