One challenge in recovery is learning to argue against your eating disorder voice. This voice can be critical and harsh, and often cause you to engage in behaviors or just feel pretty awful. A major shift in recovery happens when you learn to argue against that eating disorder voice with your healthy inner voice. This is why Meg’s written and recorded 200 Recovery Affirmations  to help those struggling know what it’s like to hear the healthy voice in your head.

So, do you want to  free yourself from obsessive food thoughts? 

Download these free eating disorder recovery affirmations to experience mindset shifts and strengthen your healthy inner voice!!

Listen to them when you walk your dog, clean the house, drive to work, shower, or cook!! The point is to listen to them as often as possible, so that you can fill your subconscious with thoughts that will slowly transform your mindset and improve your recovery process.

When someone is struggling with food, it may be tempting to skip a meal or snack. It might be scary to eat on your own, or eat around others who don’t understand what you’re going through.

Lunch Warriors is a free, virtual meal support community that’s designed to strengthen your meal and/or snack times by providing a safe place to eat that’s non-judgemental, patience and accepting.

We meet every Monday on Zoom to have a meal or snack together (depending on what time zone you’re in)! For Meg’s the meeting falls during her lunch time (12pm MST), which is why it’s called Lunch Warriors!

The goal of this group is to build supportive friendship while holding ourselves accountable to eating. Each week we pick a new topic to discuss or learn about. It’s a creative, fun, and gentle space. There’s no comparison allowed, and we meet all warriors where they’re at. Click below to join the Facebook group!