In this episode, Meg dives deep into the topic of eating disorders in athletes with Stephanie, a psychotherapist who is passionate about helping athletes recover from their struggles with food. They explore the concept of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (RED-S) and how it is related to eating disorders in athletes. They also discuss the impact of insufficient fuel on an athlete’s muscles and the negative effects of over-exercising without sufficient rest. Stephanie shares her personal experience as an athlete and how food impacted her performance, providing valuable insights and advice for athletes who may be struggling with similar issues.

Meg and Stephanie also delve into the importance of rest and recovery in eating disorder recovery. They discuss when it is necessary for an athlete to stop moving and what types of movement are appropriate for someone with an active eating disorder. They also explore the benefits of being still and the importance of self-care during the recovery process. Additionally, they provide helpful tips for those who are trying to overcome their fear of rest.

If you’re an athlete who is struggling with an eating disorder or someone who knows someone who is, this episode is a must-listen. Meg and Stephanie provide valuable insights and advice on how to overcome an eating disorder and improve your overall health and performance. Listen now to learn more!

Stephanie Roth-Goldberg is a psychotherapist with a passion for helping individuals heal from eating disorders and disordered eating. As the founder of Intuitive Psychotherapy NYC, Stephanie provides a nurturing, non-judgmental environment where patients can share their feelings, release stress, and start to feel better. She utilizes an interpersonal approach to therapy and is deeply committed to treating individuals from a Health at Every Size paradigm.

Stephanie’s dedication to her work extends beyond the therapy room. As a presenter, supervisor, and steering committee member for various programs, she strives to create supportive and collaborative treatment approaches for individuals of all sizes. Stephanie is also committed to helping athletes maintain their sport while healing their relationship with their bodies and food. Her special interests include working with individuals suffering from body and eating disturbances, as well as performance anxiety. Stephanie’s work is grounded in her belief that recovery from eating disorders is possible, and she is dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery.

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