In this episode, Meg is joined by guest Natalie Rose to discuss body dysmorphia and the expression “feeling fat.” Natalie shares her personal experience with chronic dieting and how she transformed her relationship with food and body. As a clinician, she offers insight into her clients’ experiences with body changes and the impact on their mental health.

Together, they explore the harmful effects of saying “I feel fat” and how it perpetuates fat phobia and weight stigma. They also discuss the complexities of body dysmorphia and whether someone can truly believe they are fat when they are not. Finally, Natalie shares some tips on how she changes her state to overcome negative thoughts and feelings.

Listen to this episode to gain a deeper understanding of body dysmorphia and how language impacts our relationship with our bodies. You’ll also learn practical strategies for shifting your mindset towards a more positive and healthy body image. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation between Meg and Natalie Rose. Tune in now!

Natalie Rose is a psychotherapist and passionate advocate for mental and physical health. Her own experiences navigating health issues (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), chronic dieting, depression, social anxiety, and body dysmorphia have driven her to help others achieve a healthier relationship with food and with themselves.

After battling the vicious cycle of dieting and binge eating for a decade, Natalie discovered how to achieve a healthier relationship with food and herself through psychotherapy and her psychology degrees. As a psychotherapist herself, she now helps her clients unlock the experiences that have led to disordered eating behaviors and fosters lifelong skills to enhance their sense of food freedom and overall well-being.

Natalie believes that true health is not measured by food rules or the number on the scale, but is more accurately reflected by how we feel mentally, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually.

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