In this episode join Meg as she is joined by Billie and together they talk about how to break free from the negative impact of diet culture on movement and exercise. They discuss how to find enjoyable and sustainable forms of physical activity and develop a healthy, intuitive relationship with movement. Billy shares their personal story of embracing the anti-diet approach to movement and exercise, and offers tips for breaking free from diet culture. They address common misconceptions and provide practical advice for incorporating this approach into daily life.

It is possible to enjoy and sustain physical activity without disordered eating behaviors and reclaim a healthy relationship with movement.

Billy Smith is a non-binary queer yoga and movement teacher, abuse survivor, and business owner. Through their business, Move With Billie, they specialize in empowering individuals to reclaim a healthy relationship with movement and exercise. Their classes and one-on-one coaching center around anti-diet culture and promoting a queer safe and trauma informed approach to movement.|

In addition to her role as a yoga and movement teacher, Billy is also the host of The Rebel Movement Podcast. Through this platform, she aims to challenge the harmful effects of diet culture and toxic positive narratives. On the show, Billy delves into important topics such as mental health, the impact of diet culture in the fitness industry, and postpartum experiences. By offering a space to discuss these sensitive and crucial issues, she hopes to provide support and encouragement to those seeking to break free from harmful dieting practices.

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