In this episode join Meg and Amy as they talk about Amy’s experience with binge eating disorder and the common misconceptions about it. Those who are living with binge eating disorder will learn about the first steps they can take towards healing.


Amy Pershing is an Anti-Diet Therapist and Binge Eating Disorder pioneer and expert. She is the Clinical Director of the Center for Eating Disorders (CED) in Ann Arbor Michigan. In 1993, she developed “Bodywise™” a comprehensive treatment program to serve a growing population of clients coming to the center with binge eating disorder (BED). Her approach also integrates “attuned” eating and movement and a “health at every size” philosophy. Amy lectures and teaches internationally on the treatment of BED for professional and lay communities; she has been featured on radio, podcast, and television speaking about BED treatment and recovery, relapse prevention, weight stigma, and attuned eating and movement

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