Recovery is volatile.  You gain weight and loose weight. You break bad habits and fall back into them. You beat yourself up. You try to love your body, then briefly actually love your body, then hate it again. You find yourself joyfully eating your favorite foods  and then regretting it immediately. You’re alert to changes in how your clothes fit, and witness your body take up more space in the mirror and in photos. Recovery is a true test of resilience, strength and self-love. But, loving our bodies during this time might feel supremely unrealistic. The link between food and your body is painfully strong, but what about the link between you and your body, without food? Maybe that’s something you can heal first before tackling the food thing.

During recovery, body kindness is the stepping stone to body love. It’s safer, attainable, realistic, and feels like a breath of the freshest air.  Asking yourself, how can I be kind to my body today, is YOU choosing recovery. Every kind thing you do for your body is a little victory that honors your recovery. Noticing these things will build the momentum and strength you need to finally heal.

Yes, we can practice body kindness that involves food (like eating a nutritious breakfast), but effff focusing on food for a few minutes. You’ve spent enough time worrying about that.

With the help of blog readers, IG followers, and loyal Facebook friends, I’ve culminated a list of 101 Ways you Can Be Kind To Your Body (That don’t involve food).

*Not all acts of Body Kindness on this list are kid (or socially-conservative person) friendly.

  1. Floss

  2. Paint your nails a fun color

  3. Take a power nap

  4. Go on a walk in your neighborhood

  5. Hydrate

  6. Choose the stairs (or the elevator)!

  7. Stretch

  8. Dance

  9. Get a haircut

  10. Exfoliate

  11. Moisturize

  12. Wear a sun dress

  13. Get a massage

  14. Skip the treadmill because it usually sucks anyway

  15. Take your lunch break outside

  16. Walk to work

  17. Take a fitness class for funsies

  18. Take a bath

  19. Buy new lingerie

  20. Take a bath with really nice soap

  21. Buy yourself quality makeup

  22. Do your makeup differently

  23. Don’t wear any makeup

  24. Try a face mask

  25. Wear sunblock

  26. Go outside

  27. Meditate

  28. Take a cute selfie

  29. Don’t pop that zit

  30. Smile

  31. Take deep breaths

  32. Sleep in

  33. Go to bed early

  34. Do yoga

  35. Go to a comedy show and belly laugh

  36. Laugh on purpose

  37. Laugh louder on purpose

  38. Drink tea

  39. Wear sunglasses

  40. Cuddle with someone

  41. Give more hugs

  42. Cuddle with your pet

  43. Wear your favorite scent

  44. Go to the gym

  45.  Relax INSTEAD of going to the gym

  46. Wear an outfit you love

  47. Try a new hairdo

  48. Get a facial

  49. Go on a hike

  50. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m a sexy mofo” and then laugh at yourself for saying “mofo”

  51. Go to the Gyno

  52. Do a breast exam

  53. Get tested for STDs

  54. Masturbate

  55. Have sex with someone you care about

  56. Practice safe sex

  57. Make out

  58. Go to the dentist

  59. Drink a glass of red wine

  60. Wear your glasses (instead of your contacts)

  61. Swim in the ocean

  62. Buy yourself flowers so your room smells nice

  63. Clean your makeup brushes

  64. Remove your makeup before bed

  65. Dress up for no reason

  66. Get a pedicure

  67. Sleep in the nicest mattress you can afford

  68. Practice gratitude for your body

  69. Say kind things about your body

  70. Post body positive sticky notes everywhere

  71. Identify body parts you like

  72. Listen to affirmations

  73. Use a loofa

  74. Lotion up

  75. Take a sick day to rest

  76. Throw out the jeans you no longer fit into

  77. Wear your goddamn seatbelt

  78. Wear a helmet

  79. Take a vacation

  80. Use non-cruelty products (not tested on animals)

  81. Use all natural products

  82. Wear a crop top (because why not)

  83. Give yourself a scalp massage

  84. Buy yourself a new razor

  85. Sleep naked

  86. Take your vitamins

  87. Wear comfortable walking shoes

  88. Use really good smelling hair products

  89. Wash your sheets so they’re crisp and clean

  90. Wall twerk

  91. Express your emotions

  92. Get vaccinated

  93. Avoid unnecessary medications

  94. Take necessary medications

  95. Wear silky pajamas

  96. Journal

  97. Do a walking meditation

  98. Use a foam roller

  99. Use a q-tip

  100. Wear fuzzy slippers/socks

  101. Take a hot shower

I’m curious to hear what you do every day to be kind to your body. Comment below on what you did to be kind to your body today!